Tortilla Wrap Hack

If you’ve seen the latest Tiktok trend of folded tortillas, you will love these chicken fold-over quesadillas! We made ours with roasted tomatoes, scrambled eggs, pulled chicken, and sauteed spinach.



  1. Start with a large tortilla and make a slit from the one edge to the middle of the tortilla. Then place the first filling in that lower right quarter—protein works well here, like chicken.

  2. Add something creamy or saucy to the next two quarters to help flavor the protein in the first. Ours was cheesy scrambled eggs and roasted tomatoes.

  3. Add your last topping.

  4. Fold the first quarter over the second one.

  5. Fold the second quarter over the third quarter.

  6. Finish off folding the last quarter so you have a triangle.


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